Saturday, March 20, 2010

The rolling progression...

Wilson and Henry's party!!!

Molly and I went up to Winston-Salem for Wilson and Henry's 4th and 2nd birthday parties! She got to meet so many people who love her so much! Anna Jane and Wilson were so excited to meet their new cousin that they could hardly contain themselves!

Nana and Papa got a picture with all 4 of their grandchildren!

The Campbell kids are getting so old!

Bobbie Quack is singing the duck song to Molly. Molly is paying close attention!

We love family!!!

The Duncan household has had a lot of family visiting over the past 2 months (thanks Molly!) Here are pictures of some of our visitors!

She's so strong!

I know I brag, but that's what moms are suppose to do, right?!?! I think Molly is soooo super strong. One of her favorite things to do is stand, as evidenced in the picture on the left. Her legs are so strong and quite active. She is also a pro at holding her head up. I think the picture of her sitting propped up in the Boppy was a fluke cause she hasn't wanted to do it since, but I was still impressed! My little 9 week old is on the fast track to being a super athlete; though if she would prefer Mathletes over athletes, we will support that as well! :-D

Photo Shoot

We had a photo shoot with my friend Tricia and this is one of my favorites! Molly was quite cranky because it was nap time so we got the best pictures after she fell asleep! I can't wait til we do it again and get her when she's super happy!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just a little longer...

I have so much to blog about: Molly, end of maternity leave and back to work, and other stuff that I can't remember right now but I think you'll all have to wait until the end of my first week of work before you get to hear any of it! If I get a second wind one night, I'll post some stuff, but don't hold your breath! I can't wait to share!!!!

but I will leave you with: we learned that Molly is not a porker, she is exactly average being 10.6lbs in the 50th percentile for weight. She IS a porker, however, because she's only in the 25th percentile for length, at 21 1/2 inches!!! She's so compact that I think she will either be a good libero (volleyball) or a good soccer player....or maybe both!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

I'm really bad at being 'wordless' but I'll make this quick! Today is James Champion Wilson's birthday. My grandfather passed away almost 6 years ago. He was a wonderful man and I wanted to honor him when we chose Molly's name. Hence Molly CHAMPION Duncan. I am sad that he will never get to meet my husband or my children but I plan to tell them all about him! I miss you Granddaddy!

p.s. How cute is my daughter?!?! Those smiles just make me melt!

New 'do!

I got a new haircut!!!! And I love it!!!

I decided that it's time for something new. Hopefully the new hair cut/style will keep me motivated to work out and get myself back into shape. I want to buy new clothes so bad but I'm trying to hold off until I'm closer to the size I was before I got pregnant. Santa was so sweet and put a gift card to Ann Taylor Loft in my stocking and it is just burning a hole in my wallet! I can't wait to spend it!!! But for now, the new 'do will tide me over.....Todd hopes!!! :-D

Warm weather....come back!!!

On Monday we had our first warm day in quite a while. The temperature got up to 70 degrees and it was glorious! Early that day, my mother-in-law, Page, had asked me if Molly liked being outdoors. I truly couldn't answer that question because it's been so cold lately that her only experience with outdoors is the brief time it takes to put her in the car. So I decided to take advantage, knowing that it probably wouldn't last long.

Molly and I met our friends Greer and her daughter Laine (4 months) and Stephanie and her daughter Azalee (2 months) at Memorial Park to walk around the lake. We also walked up to their Wildlife Trail that houses rehabilitated bears and wildcats and a bald eagle. I wish I could say Molly soaked up every minute of it but really she slept most of the 2 1/2 hours we were there!

Here are Molly and Laine checking out the bears!

And Molly and Azalee lounging on a bench. (Azalee was not happy about being woken up to play!)

Of course all the rest of the week it's rainy and yucky so we haven't had any more outside time but I look forward to the sun making more appearances hopefully in the not-too-distant future!