Friday, April 22, 2011

The new hotness!

This door is the new hotness in our house! We bought it for $15 from a mommy in Mooresville and Molly is IN LOVE!!!! Several of her friends have it so she knows exactly what to do! I brought it home this evening and she's been playing with it for about 30 minutes straight!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First Easter Egg Hunt!

Molly went on her first Easter Egg hunt at a friend's house. She is just starting walking so I held on to the basket and she held my hand. She did a great job picking up the first egg and putting it in the basket. At the second egg she realized they could be open and all she wanted to do was sit down and play with them! She could have cared less what was inside (which means chocolate for Mommy!). :-D
This is my favorite picture of the year so far! (It also causes me to have camera-envy because a friend took this with her Nikon D90.)

15 Month checkup

Molly had her 15 month check up last Wednesday! (I know, I'm late in posting) Anyway, Nana got to go with us since Daddy couldn't get off work. She got to see exactly how much (and it's a lot!) that Molly hates the doctor. I think it's because the last 2 times she had her finger pricked and then they did it again this time! She totally freaked out when the nurses and doctors tried to use stethoscopes or look in her ears. My poor baby.

Molly is growing! You're probably saying, 'Duh, Emily!' but it's still exciting! She finally broke 20 lbs (she's actually 20lbs 2.5oz!) and she's a little over 30" tall. That's about 10-25% for weight and 25-50% for height.

At the appointment she still wasn't walking and the doctor said that we wouldn't be concerned until she turned 18 months. The past 3 days, however, she has decided that walking might not be such a bad thing and she is attempting it more and more!

The other good news is that they rechecked her iron and the count was much better than the last 2 times. As long as I keep her eating iron rich foods she should be good!

All-in-all it was a good report!