Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Discovery Place Kids

"Next time let's leave the kids at home and come play!"

That was a quote made by my friend Amy. Amy and her son Owen, our friend Jessica and her son Evan, Molly and I all went to check out the new Discovery Place Kids that opened up in Huntersville, NC. Her quote pretty much sums up our experience there. I know our kids had fun but they are so young that there was only 1 area that they really enjoyed. The mothers, however, kept running from room to room saying "Have you seen this yet?" and "Look, there's a boat!" and "Watch me milk this cow!" I'm not sure that we're going to spring for the annual membership yet....Molly is under a year so she is free right now.....but it is definitely something I'm going to consider in the future, especially because it is so close by!

Molly checking out the brain coral

Who's that pretty girl in that mirror there?
The boys loved the water table but Molly wasn't so sure.

Sweet Evan!Owen thinks he's so cool just cause he has a sweet ride!