Monday, May 10, 2010

The best Mother's Day I've ever had!!!

Sunday was the best Mother's Day ever!!!! Ok, so I understand that I'm a little biased since it was my first Mother's Day, but still....I was pretty impressed.
This Mother's Day was the best ever! The day before I had bought myself a jogging stroller at a yard sale as a MD gift to myself. And then, MD morning I woke up and Todd brought Molly to me in bed so that I could nurse her. I wasn't really in the mood to go back to sleep (Eric was visiting and I wanted to see him some before he left) so we got up and went downstairs. My fabulous husband cooked me pancakes and bacon! Then I came across a table full of gifts. Molly helped me open them of course. She had gotten me a pedometer. Now I know that may sound like an odd gift but it is something that I requested. This pedometer is awesome! I calculated my stride and input my height and weight and it not only counts steps, but calculates distance and calories burned! It is fabulous! I wore it at work and realized that I need to step it up (pun intended)!!!!
Todd had also gotten my pushing present engraved. When Molly was born, Todd got me a new charm bracelet with a silhouette charm of a little girl. He got her initials and birth date engraved on it. I love it!!! He also got me a gift card to a local salon so I can get a massage or treatment of my choice! I love presents!!!
After breakfast and presents, Todd, Molly, Eric, and I went on a walk. The weather was absolutely fabulous and Molly loves being outside. I can't wait until she can sit in a stroller facing forward, instead of in her car seat.
Todd took Eric to the airport and Molly and I headed to church. Now Molly has yet to let me sit through an entire service and MD Sunday was no exception. But an awesome thing did happen while we were there. During the childrens' service, 2 people in the congregation were recognized. They gave a rose to the oldest mother, who was in her 90s! And they gave a rose to the newest mother in the congregation. As you can see in the picture above, I got a rose (and it wasn't for being the oldest!) I was so glad that I had Molly there with me.
After church Molly and I went to a cookout to celebrate our friends, Elise and Jon North, because they both recently graduated! We had a great time: Molly loves being outside!As you can see, our allergies are starting to get to us:
The rest of the day was spent just hanging out with Todd and Molly. That is one of my favorite things to do. But it was even better than normal because Todd took the lead on all fussing babies and dirty diapers!

Todd has set the bar high for Father's Day!

Eric came to visit!!

Todd's Wake Forest freshman year roommate, Lord Eric, came to visit us from New York this past weekend! We had a great time showing him around Athens and UGA, and just hanging out. We miss Eric now that he thinks he's a big whig attorney in NYC.
Molly is taking after Todd and me in her love for reading!

Eric brought Molly her first Dr. Seuss books and Cat in the Hat stuffed animal. Of course they had to have story time!
We headed out to a local brewery, Terrapin, for a wonderful evening of music and beer (for the non-nursing folks). Molly absolutely loves being outside!
She even made an attempt at sitting up! She did pretty well for a few seconds and then tumbled. I'm excited about this new development, especially since we head to the beach in a few weeks!

Todd has an MBA!

Todd graduated from The University of Georgia last weekend!!! Of course, he had exams the week after graduation, but it was still exciting! His parents, Page and Clayton, and his great-aunt, Margaret, came to join in the festivities! Todd is now done with classes/exams and I know he is so thankful for it. He just told me he made a 4.0 this semester which is pretty impressive seeing as we have a 4 month old!!! But I've always known that Todd is sneaky smart!
Molly is very proud of her Daddy. She hopes to one day follow in his footsteps......but as a Tarheel! :-D