Monday, February 15, 2010

Sweet Tea and Strollers

Make sure you check out my 'baby blog' that I write on with 4 of my friends. 4 of us have already had our babies and the last is due this month! We write about everything from products we like to problems we have. There's a lot about my nursing problems with Molly on there, if you're interested...

Sweet Tea and Strollers

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Molly doesn't appear to have read the manual concerning appropriate milestone ages. She rolled over once at 3 weeks old but I thought it was a fluke. Then, yesterday, on her 1 month 'birthday' she rolled over FIVE times!!!!! The video shows lots of screaming, she's not a big fan of tummy time. It actually took about 5 minutes but we edited it down so you don't have to sit through it!

Hope you enjoy!!!

1 month!

My plan is to take a picture of Molly on the 13th of every month in this chair, with this bunny, on this quilt (handmade by Nana!!!) Here she is 1 month old!